Alura Jenson enjoys a man who follows her CEI orders

Busty blonde Alura Jenson from CEI Trainer

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Stunning woman Alura Jenson is great at teasing her man with those amazing curves while giving out the most formidable JOI. This blonde knows how to make a fellow cum like never before.
I want to know if you can follow directions so I want you to listen to me and order your cock to cum when I say so. First, grab a hold of your boner, squeeze it and lick your hand so you can make that head nice and wet. Stroke it just a little bit. Get your shaft moist just like you are about to fuck me. There is nothing more wonderful than a really hard penis. Keep playing with it and follow my words. You can cup your balls as well.
I will take off my top for you since I really like what you are doing. I want to watch you cum like never before. Imagine you are titfucking me right now. When I say so, you are going to bring yourself close to an orgasm and then wait until I tell you that you can jizz all over. Let me countdown for you. Cover me with your semen. I want it on my tits. Because I am not pleased with the amount of jizz you produced come over here and lick it all up!
- Alura Jenson

Get ready to dump that loaded condom in your mouth

Whitney Morgan Cum Eating Instruction Porn Blonde Video CEI Bedroom Tube

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Lucky you - you've got some cum eating and jerk off instruction coming from Whitney Morgan, one of the best mistresses around for that kind of action.
You know what I want you to do for me? That's right! Jerk off. This is pretty much one of those 'once in a lifetime' chances to prove yourself. I'm giving you the opportunity to prove yourself to me. I'm going to walk you through it, so how about you start by getting your dick out and playing with it? I think that's the safest point to begin our jerkoff instruction journey.
Okay, we need you to put a condom on first. Hopefully it's already lubricated so that we don't need to get you lotion. Just a bit of a warning: whatever load you produce, you eat. If you have a weak orgasm you won't have to consume much of your cum. But honey, if you blow a huge load and really enjoy it? You're going to be eating your cum for quite a while.
- Whitney Morgan

Leyla wants to see you eat some fresh semen

Leyla Beryl from CEI Trainer

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When Leyla Beryl has a plan for her slave, she is going to get it through. This adoring redhead chick likes ordering her fellow how to eat all the cum off the floor.
I have the biggest dildo I own waiting for you. I wish I have an even bigger black one, but this will have to do. Look at you standing there, waiting for your instructions. Well, here is what you will learn today: how to eat a real man's cum. First, you will have to make him hard in any way that I instruct you. Go ahead and rub that shaft real good. Now tease that cock with your tongue. Oh, you are going to make your stud cum!
Wow that is a lot of semen. Guess he needed a good release. But now, if you want to make your mistress happy, you are going to eat all of this jizz. I will be so nice and feed it to you. Lick it right off my fingers. Suck everything up like a good boy. This is what a real man tastes like.
- Leyla Beryl

Stroke out a load for me, it’s going to be your lunch

Summer Day Monroe Big Tits Tube Blonde Porn Video Cum Eating Instruction Topless CEI

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You've been waiting for some time with Summer all day: she's finally here, and you're getting the cum eating JOI you've dreamed off for days on end.
I've got something for us to do today, and it's going to involve your cock. So, let's start off with you pulling it up for us. I want to get a good look at your shaft. It looks pretty good - now start stroking. Nice and easy to begin with. I don't want you rushing to the end when there's so much fun to be had before you start your meal.
Jack that cock for me, big boy. You like what you see here? Of course you do - a hot blonde girl showing you how to massage your junk. Check out my ass and keep going. I bet you can't wait to release a hefty load of that hot, thick cum and then eat it all up for me like a good boy.
- Summer Day Monroe

I am going to make you eat your filthly jizz you slut

Whitney Morgan

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Whitney Morgan has prepared a nice treat for her submissive man. She gathered up some sperm and now it is time to feed it to a fortunate fellow.
I have an extra sweet task for you. I just had an amazing sex session with a couple of guys, but you weren't involved. They gave me an extra special treat because you would not catch me dead swallowing it. I thought it would be fun for you to do it. I teased and edged these men for as long as I could to make sure they gave me the biggest load they had in their balls. Look at all this delicious man milk just begging to be eaten.
Do you want a little taste? You don't have a choice, actually. That is why I am the dominant female. Open wide as I pour this yummy milky semen in your mouth. I want you to lap up every drop and thank me after every slurp. If you eat all of your treats, I will let you make your own batch next time.
- Whitney Morgan

Get your cock out and get ready to eat cum

Britteni wants to see you eating your sperm - Ceitrainer

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Britteni knows a little secret about you that involves your mouth and your cum. Don't worry, she's not going to tell anyone how much you love to munch on your own seed.
While you might think that it would be easy for me to tell the whole world about how much you enjoy eating your own cum, I think keeping it our secret for the time and being is the best way forward. But to do that, you're going to be my little cum eating whore, got it?
So get your cock out and start stroking. I want you to bust a fat nut all over your hands and then once every list drop of semen has been emptied from your ball sack, you're going to eat it all up. I get so horny when I see a guy taste himself - especially knowing I was the girl that talked him through dumping that delicious, sticky load.
- Britteni Bank

Teasing Summer Day will make you cum twice presents a topless blonde called Summer Day

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There is nothing better than being subjected to Summer Day's amazing JOI which end in some cum eating. This alluring blonde with amazing tits knows how to make a fellow stiff.
Get ready because I have something fun for you today. Pull out you dick and just start stoking it. That is pretty easy. Don't stop stroking because today I am going to make you cum twice and then you are also going to be eating your jizz twice. For now just keep jerking that dick and watch me touch myself. I cannot wait to see you eat your semen. I just love that. I know you want to cum but be patient. It looks like it is going to explode! Cum in your hand and slurp it all up for your mistress.
We are not done yet because we are going to make that dick stiff one more time. I need you to eat more of your semen. There is more work to be done with that hard boner. Keep playing with it and enjoying my amazing body until I tell you to blow your load the second time. Up and down, work that prick. Let's make you cum since I cannot wait to see you lick it all up.
- Summer Day

Janira Wolf makes you hard and makes you eat it

Janira Wolf gives jerk off and cum eating instructions

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While looking at Janira Wolf nobody can stay indifferent. But there is more to this beautiful woman who loves giving out formidable JOI to her fortunate hunk.
I know how you have been waiting all day for me to come home so you would just enjoy being in my presents. You want me to let you stroke your cock for me. Well, I do like very much being a subject of a man's orgasm. When you take out that cock for me, it better be nice and hard. You know what I like.
It is very nice knowing that my sexy goddess-like body turns you on so much. Start rubbing it and stroking it. Keep it tight while you are watching my amazing curves. You like looking at my stunning legs in these long boots. I know it turns you on. Now play with those balls. It seems that you are ready to cum for your mistress. Blow your load all over the place since you know what is next. You are going to eat all of that semen. Take it down in your throat and tell me how it tastes.
- Janira Wolf

I want you to lick all the cum off of your hands

Cum Eating Instruction Sammie Spades CEI Trainer Blonde Big Tits Bedroom Bikini Porn tube video

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Sammie Spades is the most gorgeous woman you know. She's curvy, blonde and hungry to see you masturbate right in front of her.
Can you start playing with that cock for me? I want you to jerk and stroke nice and hard. Get it as stiff as possible for me. You know how much I love seeing you get yourself off, so don't slow down and make sure that this experience is magical. Oh my god, do you know how much I just want you to come over here and stick that dick deep inside of me?
I'm so turned on right now. My pussy is soaking wet for your big shaft. I think I'm going to explode into an orgasm even if I touched my clit. To make this even more special, I'm going to actually get you to cum over your hands as much as possible, so that once it's all over with, you can eat your own cum. Don't look at me that way - I know how much you love the idea of eating it all up.
- Sammie Spades

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